Friday, June 29, 2012

Opening Saturday, June 30

The Spencer Doll and Toy Museum will be OPEN on Saturday, June 30, from 10-4. We will be closed Sunday and Monday, then will reopen Tuesday. Regular hours will be Tuesday-Saturday 10-4. Admission fees are $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, and $3 for children. Please bring cash only this week! Thank you! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tyler Wentworth versus Gene!

Which is your favorite, Tyler Wentworth by the Tonner Doll Company:

or, Gene by Mel Odom?

Here is another Tonner doll, Ava Gardner:

And finally, one more doll by Mel Odom. This is Violet Waters:

Whether you prefer Tonner dolls or Gene dolls, we have a beautiful exhibit that includes both. Hurry in and see them before the summer is over, because Gene and her friends won't be with us forever!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Do you love trucks? Do you REALLY love trucks? If you do, you must put the Spencer Doll and Toy Museum on your list for a day trip this summer! We have hundreds of die-cast, scale model tractor trailers, cars, and motorcycles.

The Spencer Doll and Toy Museum has something for everyone, so please come visit us when we open in a few weeks!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Have you ever wondered how a doll is made?

Come to the Spencer Doll and Toy Museum when we open in July and view our "What Is A Doll?" exhibit to find out!

The picture above is an example of greenware. Greenware is the very fragile, unfinished clay product that comes out of a mold. Once greenware has been fired in a kiln, it becomes more durable ceramic. The ceramic doll head, or other components, are then painted by the artist, and the product is a lovely completed doll. "What Is A Doll?", prepared by Michael and Gayle Hansen, gives a brief history of dolls and shows different types of dolls as well as a mold used to create a doll's head and the different stages that a head goes through before being finished.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Faces!

Amazing new dolls are arriving at the Spencer Doll and Toy Museum almost every day! These are just a few of our latest babies, on loan from generous members of the Rowan Doll Society: