Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspiring a Helping Hand

In 1998 Lynda Pracht traveled to Nicaragua on a sponsored Learning Centers Mission. Inspired by the enthusiasm and talented embroidery and desigh skills of the Nicaraguan women, she found a nich market in the doll dresses trade. Lynda and her volunteers teach sewing and other skills to the women.

Nicaragua women are paid for each dress that they make. This provides income to the home, which may be the only income at all. The China Nica Doll Dresses program allows women to stay in their community, learn a skill, earn an income and live with dignity.

This program can be an inspiration to all.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Exhibits

With the introduction in 1908 of Schoenhut's Farmer and Milkmaid, a youngster had all the elements of a working farm. Many of the animals made by Schoenhut are seen on a farm: The cow, pig, goat, sheep, donkey, goose, horse, and dog. This wonderful Farmer exhibit is now on display at the Spencer Doll and Toy Museum.

Looking forward to you coming to visit!