Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Miniatures and More

Miniatures and More

The Spencer Doll And Toy Museum holds an impressive collection of dolls and toys from the past and the present. In addition to dolls and toys, a prominent exhibit of miniatures is always front and center. A special exhibit case has been dedicated to showcasing the exciting world of miniatures.
Every few months a new and exciting display graces the museum. Currently fine quality miniatures created by Rachel Bonney are  highlighted in the miniatures cabinet. A delightful grouping of tea cups, each with a different miniature scene, are featured in the display along with a variety of other serious and whimsical mini-creations. Children and adults alike are fascinated at the level of detail featured in Bonney’s creations.    

We hope to grow the miniatures exhibits in the Museum. It’s our hope that one day the SDTM will showcases dozens of fine art displays, featuring the work of hundreds of miniatures artisans.

The Spencer Doll and Toy Museum is located at 108 Fourth Street in Spencer, NC and open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Admission for NAME and UFDC members is $4.00. Visitor’s should expect to be amazed at what is hidden within the walls of the museum! 

If you are interested in exhibiting your minis please contact the museum at 704-762-9359. For more information www.spencerdollandtoymuseum.com

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